Monday, 2 July 2012

Don't be such a snore...

Research reviews that many of pregnant women develop snoring problem including me...even before this, I've never snored before but if i'm too tired yes i admit i'll snoring all night shows that I've worked so hard in the day time...(ayat sedapkan hati..hihihihi) actually its caused by extra weight and swollen mucous membranes in our nose, which can lead to more congestion.

Due to this matter, many people recommend the cool mist humidifier because it poses safety risks than the warm mist or steam humidifier so i'm choosing cool mist humidifier it is!!!..which is SHARP Plasma cluster Air Purifier will eliminate viruses, bacteria, haze and allergens at every corner on our room. It will moisten the airways and this it helps on anti-virus/ bacteria that inhibit 99.9% H1N1.In the same time deodorizing the room that can reduce 90% odor after 3 hours. The most important part its reduce skin hydration and helps keep the moisture back our skin and humidifying it because dry air can cause many problems to your health and comfort at home. Soon enough, we will get our much- needed rest.  This product received one of the Mother Selector award and Best Brand Healthcare Awards 2010-2011.

pros:  the button is friendly user. the sensor of odor will detect automatically. its convince us that air circulation is good for us and i really love it!!! 

cons: we have to refill the water tank for moisturizing and humidity the room. the water tank  can be lasts up to 8hours sleep only. often u opened it, the more u'll refill it.

Last but no least, it good for my "Baby General" in future..cause we will sharing the same room for a everyone says, "every parents will do their best for their children" and its including me the future mom to be!!!

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